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I am  alpha AI

Our AI system utilizes a unique architecture to automate macroeconomic analysis by integrating vast amounts of economic data, algorithms, and models. Leveraging the powerful computing capabilities and intelligent learning abilities of AI technology,  our system can collect, organize, and analyze a large volume of economic data in real-time, identifying and interpreting economic trends and patterns.


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 Core Values

Continuous learning changes destiny.


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At ALPHABT, our mission is to empower participants in the financial markets with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to help them thrive in the complex world of finance. Since our establishment in 2019, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have been pioneering innovative AI financial trading courses and intelligent trading software.

​Our AI financial trading courses are designed to give market participants a deeper understanding and utilization of the role of AI in financial trading. We believe that with these skills and knowledge, participants can better navigate the challenges of the financial markets and execute their trading strategies more effectively.


AI Learning

We combine AI technology with learning to provide personalized and intelligent learning experiences. Tailored learning paths are designed based on individual needs and progress, enhancing learning efficiency and outcomes.


We value the power of data. Through AI technology, we analyze and leverage vast amounts of market data to provide deeper market insights and decision support for participants.

Innovative Technology

We are committed to applying cutting-edge AI technologies and tools such as machine learning, natural language processing, etc. We continuously innovate and improve training methods to offer interactive and intelligent learning experiences.

AI Companion

We view AI technology as an intelligent companion for participants, assisting them in problem-solving, providing real-time guidance and feedback, and supporting the practical application of learned knowledge.

Long-Term Development

We encourage participants to grow alongside AI technology, continuously exploring AI applications in the financial domain, enhancing their skills and competitiveness to adapt to an increasingly intelligent financial market.

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Using an AI chatbot to address your queries.

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